My Favorite Photography YouTube Channels

YouTube is an amazing resource for photographers and travelers. There are so many excellent channels that provide not just free entertainment, but a wealth of information. Learning photography, or video production, or travel tips has never been easier. I'm really thankful to the "YouTubers" on this list for putting it all out there for the benefit of the rest of us. They really inspire me to get out there and grow as a photographer (and do more with my channel - which I admit I have completely neglected).

The following are my favorite YouTube channels related to outdoor photography and travel. They are also, in my opinion, among the most underrated. All of them have less than 25,000 subscribers (most less than 5,000), as of this writing, yet the quality of honest content and useful information they provide is way more valuable than what you get from a 500,000 subscriber strong gear review channel.

Adam Gibbs - Canadian Landscape Photographer

Morten Hilmer - Danish Wildlife Photographer

MILE30 Adventures - Travel and Outdoor Adventure

Diary of the Unknown Stock Photographer, Julian Elliott - U.K. Travel Photographer

Craft & Vision - David duChemin