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2017 Year in Review in Pictures

Several months back I was planning a trip to Costa Rica; it would've been my first Latin American excursion, then my wife dropped a bomb on all our plans. She was offered a job in Alberta, Canada (the place she was born) and the opportunity was too good to pass up. We were moving 2,300 miles from North Carolina to western Canada within a few weeks of her job offer. Everything before and during the month of June is a blur. It is hard to recall anything from the first five months of 2017. I know there was a trip to Iceland in March, but any distinct events before the big move are distant at best. One chapter of our lives ended and another began swiftly and with meat-clever precision. 

Only 6 months into our new lives in Canada, I can already see that this is where we need to be right now. I had barely uploaded my first images of Alberta's wildlife when they began being licensed around the world. The content I've produced on Maps & Cameras has also improved and received more attention than anything I wrote before. I'm adding lots more images to my portfolio (especially wildlife) at a much faster rate than in North Carolina's rural woods. My wife is doing great things in her new career, and we're finally settled in enough to begin booking international trips again. I'm excited that we'll be exploring eastern Europe in June 2018 and there's very possibly a grizzly bear adventure in the works as well.

2017 flew by like no year before. Though my to do list is long and I have quite a way to go in achieving my business goals, I've managed to make a lot of progress this year as a travel/nature photographer. This (like all creative fields) is a tough business. In January I launched Maps & Cameras. Since then it has grown in content and readership. I am happy that my average site visits are over a thousand per month and growing. I am even more excited that I have dedicated readers signing up for my email list. This means a lot to me, and I want to thank you for being part of this creative journey.

This year I've been to some amazing locations and had some unforgettable experiences. Photographically speaking, I've made some of my strongest images this year. Below is a slideshow of some of my favorite images of 2017. Thanks for reading. Have a happy new year and happy shooting. - Jon

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